• Matthew


To celebrate the Quartet's special relationship with the Markhof in Vienna, we will be providing musical entertainment at the Markhof Sommerfest 2018 on 28 June. The Markhof, "the village in the city" ("das Dorf in der Stadt"), is a very cool organization and community space that focuses on progressive and innovative approaches to working and learning. For example, there are "co-working" spaces available to entrepreneurs and business start-ups, and young learners come regularly to participate in "co-learning", which is a collaborative and experiential approach to learning — an alternative to traditional classroom learning, There are also facilities that can be rented to do all kinds of creative and socially valuable activities like cooking, music-making, performances, entrepreneurial projects, workshops, etc.

The theme for the Markhof Sommerfest is "Circus" this year, so the kids and the adults will be clowning around and presenting special activities related to that theme.

We'll be playing towards the end of the Sommerfest, so if you decide to stop by and check it out, consider staying for our performance.

Sommerfest in the Markhof

28 June 2018

3 to 8 p.m.

Markhofgasse 19, 1030 Vienna