• Matthew

NEXT SHOW: MMQ + sambAttac @ Fanialive –– "ease into samba..." -- 19 Dec. 2019

Just in time to help you get in the holiday spirit: four fun events wrapped into one!

In this exciting double-header concert, we'll ease into samba with a couple of sets, keeping it mostly chilled, but gradually warming the place up for sambAttac, the well-known Vienna samba drum group. We'll also join forces on a song or two.

After the live music, DJ Porno Paul, star DJ and "BundesDJ" of the Republic of Austria, will keep the energy going in his unique and unforgettable way.

If you come a little earlier (a bit before 8 p.m.) you can warm up with some grog at the holiday Punsch Stand outside while sambAttac serenades you with some samba grooves. Ho Ho Ho-ba-la-la!

Where: Fanialive (

When: Thursday, 19 Dec. 2019, 8:30 p.m.